Duo-set T Shape and C Shape Needle Pins Set For Wig Making

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Use: for wig sewing


Good quality: these T-pins and hand sewing needles are made of nickel-plated steel with smooth surface, durable and not easy to get rusty.


20pcs x Wig t pins 15pcs c-pin
10 x 1.6 Inches curved needles
10 x 2.4 Inches hair weave needles
1 x Plastic containe

Useful accessories for wig making: T pins can keep wig in place when styling wig on head, easy to insert and remove; These needles are useful to weave wigs 
Wide usages: 
C pins are nice sewing tools for craft sewing projects, repairing leather, gloves, carpets, car seats, tents, awnings, etc.; 
T pins are good for wig making, blocking knitting, modelling and crafts 
Easy storage: these needles come with a plastic box which is convenient for you to carry and store these T type and C type pins
Package includes: 20pieces 38inches long wig T-pins, 15pieces C type weaving needles in 2 sizes.


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