Hot Press Mini Electric Iron


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Mini Glam Iron that can be used to straighten out the top of your closure or frontal unit/ install. Not recommended for use on natural hair.


1. Handy iron machine for the hair stylist who loves providing Celebrity Hairstyle Results

2. Easy press Bundles & Wigs

4. Our mini heat press machine comes in a mini size, easy to carry with and store. 

Note: The mini heat press heats up quickly. Please do not touch the bottom of the iron with any part of your body. The mini heat press can reach a maximum temperature of 230 when laid flatDo not place it on flammable objects! 


Item description

FLATNESS is the GOAL and our Easy Press understands the assignment! Wig_Array Easy Press Mini Iron is the Perfect accessory for laying your Wig to perfection for a sleek and polished look. NO MORE Bulky Wigs


  • 1.Temperature equalization
  • 1.5 minutes to quickly complete preheating,
  • 3.Mini size, low power consumption
  • portable for traveling
  • 4.Widely used
  • 5. The bottom uses coating
  • Specification
  • Power: 150W
  • Voltage: 110V-240V
  • Rated frequency: 50HZ
  • Power cable length: 1m
  • Package included
  • 1x Mini Eectric Iron
  • + 1x EU power cord
  • + 1x user manual


  • High-temperature iron
  • Please do a local test before ironing hot pressing on your wigs/bundles/frontals etc.
  • Preheat very fast, Reaching high temperature only need 2-3 seconds, do not Bring Iron in contact with any part of your body.
  • Iron must be placed on the ground with the tail.
  • Do not place the iron flat. The temperature can rise to 230 degrees. This mini iron Celsius when laying flat.
  • Laying flat or power-on for too long may cause deformation of the plastic side.

If the deformation is serious, please do not continue to using it.It is a dry iron, do not put in water

  • This mini Iron are not intended for use by children.
  • Do not leave the appliance to children under 12 years of age.

Mini-iron can also be used for: hot fix rhinestone, iron map, patchwork, quilt,thin fabrics, can iron thin fabrics cloth paste, fusible,interlining, etc


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